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Construction Industry Innovation Division

Construction Industry Innovation Division carries out research on policies that could bring innovation to Korea’s construction industry and strengthen the competitiveness of specialized construction businesses.

Research Fields

  • - Research planning and coordination
  • - Fair trade, subcontracting, shared growth
  • - Industrial system, laws and regulations, production system
  • - Promotion of innovative changes in construction industry and development of new construction projects
  • - Defects liability, conflict resolution

Economics and Finance Division

Economics and Finance Division collects and analyzes various information and data to carry out research on development of construction industry.

Research Fields

  • - Prospects and trends of construction economy
  • - Business environment of specialized construction industries
  • - Supply and demand of the production elements (workforce, materials) in the construction industry
  • - Construction guarantee funds and loans
  • - Construction-related financial systems and policies

Future Strategy Division

Future Strategy Division carries out research on preemptive strategies for and changes in the future construction industry.

Research Fields

  • - Development and integration of construction technologies
  • - Construction process and contract system
  • - New market entry of specialized construction businesses
  • - Cooperation between the South ad North Korea in construction
  • - Real estate matters related to specialized construction businesses

Administrative Division

Administrative Division provides administrative support to make research activities more efficient and also carries out PR activities to maximize publications and research outcomes.

Key Responsibilities

  • - Research administration and management
  • - Publications management
  • - PR and international cooperation
  • - HR and training
  • - Budget and accounting