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Thank you for visiting Korea Research Institute for Construction Policy (RICON).

RICON was founded in September 2006 to make a contribution to the development of national economy by nurturing professional construction industry based on systematic research on construction industry & professional construction business.

Since then, we have exerted all our possible efforts on advancement of domestic construction industry and improvement of competitiveness. In addition, we have continuously corrected and improved inefficient systems and practices.

Thanks to your continued support and encouragement, we have evolved into the nation’s leading think tank in construction industry. Now, it is time for us to leap into a policy research institute which creates future values.

We are going to keep making our best efforts to create and support a new growth engine for construction industry from the mid & long-term perspective to promptly respond to current trends such as ‘Green Growth.’

We promise that we will develop into a renowned and respected research institute by conducting practical studies and coming up with alternatives which meet the policy authority’s needs.

We expect continued support and encouragement from you.

Thank You.

Korea Research Institute for Construction Policy (RICON)
President Myung-gyo Seo

  • • B.A. in Architecture, Hanyang University
  • • Urban and Regional Planning, University of Birmingham
  • • Urban and Regional Planning, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University
  • • Passed the 18th Technical Civil Service Examination
  • • Director General for National Spatial Information Policy, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • • Director of Seoul Regional Construction Management Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • • Director of Water Resources Policy Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport